24KBET bonuses boasts an extensive range of bonuses, among which the highly coveted welcome bonuses take center stage. This Indian betting powerhouse extends its generous offerings to sports and casino enthusiasts. In the realm of sports betting, newly registered players stand to reap rewards upon making their initial deposit into their accounts. Notably, there’s a […]

24KBET bonuses boasts an extensive range of bonuses, among which the highly coveted welcome bonuses take center stage. This Indian betting powerhouse extends its generous offerings to sports and casino enthusiasts.

In the realm of sports betting, newly registered players stand to reap rewards upon making their initial deposit into their accounts. Notably, there’s a significant code to remember: ‘EXTRABONUS,’ which, when entered, unlocks an additional pool of bonus funds, enhancing the initial reward.

Equally enticing is the casino welcome or betting welcome bonus, seamlessly activated during the registration process on 24KBET Bonuses platform. Opting for this offer during your registration journey automatically triggers the reception of your inaugural reward.

This inclusive approach ensures that whether your passion lies in the thrill of sports betting or the immersive world of casino games, 24KBET has tailored welcome 24KBET Bonuses to suit diverse preferences and betting experiences.


Welcome aboard, new players from India! Here’s an exclusive scoop for you on our platform. Immerse yourself in the exhilarating welcome promotions tailored specifically for 24KBET sports betting enthusiasts. This fantastic offer is custom-crafted for those who’ve just joined us and haven’t yet taken the plunge with their initial deposits. Are you ready to dive in headfirst and seize this golden opportunity?

Attention, new players hailing from India! Get ready to seize the thrill with our platform’s electrifying welcome promotions designed exclusively for sports enthusiasts at 24KBET Bonuses. This incredible deal is tailored for those who’ve recently joined our ranks and are yet to embark on their first deposit journey. Are you geared up to jump right in and make the most of this thrilling opportunity?

Bank Card Deposit Cashback

Embark on an exhilarating journey at 24KBET Bonuses, where an exclusive offer awaits! Rejoice in a rewarding 1.5% cashback on every deposit made through our secure bank card channel. Seamlessly kickstart your experience by swiftly creating an account on 24KBET and opting for the trusted bank card deposit method for effortless and secure transactions.

Dive into this enticing cashback deal, available for deposits of 100 INR or more, and experience the ease of automatic bonus crediting after each recharge – no additional claims necessary. With every deposit of 100 INR or above, relish an impressive 1.5% cashback boost.

As you deposit more significant sums, your cashback grows – deposit 10,000 INR and savor a delightful 1.5% cashback bonus of 150 INR. Elevate your bankroll and revel in the abundant benefits that await!

Join us on an electrifying adventure at 24KBET Bonuses, where an exclusive offer beckons your attention! Enjoy the thrill of a 1.5% cashback reward on every deposit facilitated through our reliable bank card deposit option. Start your journey swiftly by creating an account on 24KBET and opting for the secure bank card deposit channel to ensure seamless and protected transactions.

Immerse yourself in this enticing cashback opportunity, available for deposits of 100 INR or more, where 24KBET Bonuses are effortlessly credited after each recharge – no extra steps required. With each warranty exceeding 100 INR, relish an impressive 1.5% cashback boost.

Amplify your rewards as you deposit more – deposit 10,000 INR and revel in a substantial 1.5% cashback bonus of 150 INR. Bolster your bankroll and embrace the multitude of advantages awaiting you!

Set off on an extraordinary venture at 24KBET, where an exclusive treat awaits your arrival! Indulge in the allure of a generous 1.5% cashback reward offered on every deposit through our dependable bank card deposit avenue. Dive headfirst into your journey by swiftly creating an account on 24KBET and opting for the secure bank card deposit option for hassle-free and secure transactions.

Immerse yourself in this appealing cashback offer, available for deposits of 100 INR or more, where 24KBET Bonuses are automatically credited post each recharge – no need for additional claims. With each deposit amounting to 100 INR or higher, relish a substantial 1.5% cashback boost. As your deposits grow more prominent, so does your cashback – deposit 10,000 INR and enjoy a remarkable 1.5% cashback bonus of 150 INR. Strengthen your bankroll and revel in the bountiful perks that await!

Unlimited Rebates

Prepare to amplify your gaming journey and bask in the excitement of daily rebates through the exclusive 24KBET Daily Rebates promotion. Joining this thrilling experience is easy, and the potential rewards are boundless.

Here’s a beginner-friendly guide on how to dive into this rewarding opportunity:
Begin by embarking on a swift and hassle-free account creation process on 24KBET Bonuses.

Ensure your effective wagering surpasses 100, securing your position at the VIP1 level or higher.
To claim your daily refund, navigate to the menu section and click the designated ‘Rebates’ option.
Embrace the thrill of daily rebates and maximize the enjoyment of your gaming endeavors at 24KBET Bonuses!

Gear up to elevate your gaming escapade and revel in the delights of the 24KBET Daily Rebates promotion. Participating is a breeze, and the potential rewards are boundless. Here’s a quick guide on how to immerse yourself in this rewarding experience:

Start by swiftly creating an account on 24KBET – a seamless and straightforward process awaits.
Ensure your effective wagering surpasses the 100 mark and attains at least the VIP1 level or higher.

Glide to the menu section and effortlessly click on the dedicated ‘Rebates’ tab to claim your daily refund.
Embark on the exhilarating journey of daily rebates and savor the pleasures of your gaming adventure at 24KBET!

Prepare to amplify your gaming delight with the 24KBET Bonuses Daily Rebates promotion, where the allure of daily rewards awaits. Engaging is a walk in the park, and the potential for lucrative returns is unknown. Here’s an easy-to-follow guide to get you started:

Commence your gaming expedition by swiftly creating an account on the user-friendly 24KBET Bonuses platform. Ensure your effective wagering exceeds the 100 threshold, securing your position at the esteemed VIP1 level or higher. To claim your daily refund, navigate effortlessly to the menu and select the dedicated ‘Rebates’ option.
Embrace the exhilaration of daily rebates and relish an enhanced gaming experience at 24KBET!

Mysterious Promotion

Get ready for an extraordinary surprise with the 24KBET Mysterious Bonus promotion – an exclusive treat that comes your way effortlessly! Discover all the details about this intriguing promotion: the enchanting bonus is a delightful gift presented for free, and the system will automatically credit it to your account. There is no need to contact customer service; the bonus mysteriously appears in your account.

In an act of generosity, 24KBET Bonuses is showering players with gifts; the best part is there’s no limit to how many times you can participate! You won’t have to contact customer service to apply, and the bonus distribution time remains unpredictable, adding a delightful touch of mystery to your gaming experience.

7% Investment Rebate

We pride ourselves on offering extensive betting opportunities covering various international sports events. Committed to providing fun, user-friendly interfaces, unwavering reliability, and a secure gaming environment, our cutting-edge technology ensures access to the most advanced gaming features.

At 24KBET Bonuses, our mission is to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction through exceptional and professional service. To elevate your gaming journey, we’ve introduced an exciting investment system that rewards you with a generous 7% rebate every hour! Head to the menu and select ‘Interest’.

Games Wagering Commission

Embark on an exciting journey as a 24KBET Bonuses agent and earn stable daily commissions by following these easy steps: Register an account on 24KBET, consult a specialist, and apply for agent qualification. Contact Agency Management through TG Agent Affiliate, where users will register as subordinates through your exclusive referral link or QR code.

Referral (Level 1)Games WageringGames Wagering Rebate
Referral 1100,000100,000 * 0.3% = 300
Referral 2500,000500,000 * 0.3% = 1,500
Referral 31,000,0001,000,000 * 0.4% = 5,800
Referral ∞

The wagering rebate for member level 1 in one day is 7,600. You can receive a stable daily salary when your members continue to play. (Daily settlement at 7:00 am) (If missed, the claimed commission will be cumulative)

Launches USDT Digital Currency Deposit 3% Cashback

Journey of 24KBET Bonuses and cashbacks at 24KBET by participating in our simple and rewarding USDT Deposit Bonus event. Whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned player, this promotion is designed to add extra excitement to your gaming experience. To participate, register an account on 24KBET and use the USDT Currency Channel for your deposits. 

This guarantees qualification for the fantastic 24KBET Bonuses that ensue, eliminating the need for a separate claim. The excitement doesn’t stop with your first deposit; every day, the first time you use the Digit Currency Channel to deposit, the system automatically rewards you with a bonus on your account.

Event Details:

Deposit ChannelDeposit Amount (USDT)Cashback (USDT)Turnover
USDT Channel10031x
USDT Channel10,0003001x
USDT Channel100,0003,0001x

Notice: Every day, the first use of the USDT deposit channel to recharge with 100 INR or above will receive a 3% cashback on deposit success. The more you deposit, the higher your cashback, with no upper limit to the bonus amount.

1.5% Bank Card Deposit Cash Back

Experience the thrill of additional bonuses with the 24KBET Bank Card Deposit Cashback promotion, your chance to make the most of every deposit and elevate your gaming adventure. Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned player, this promotion is designed to add excitement to your gameplay. To participate, register an account on 24KBET if you haven’t already.

It’s a quick and straightforward process. Opt for the Bank Card Deposit Channel for your deposits to ensure eligibility for the fantastic cashback 24KBET Bonuses that follow. Make a minimum deposit of 100 INR or more to qualify for the promotion. After completing your recharge, the prize will be automatically distributed to your account, eliminating the need to claim it separately. GENERAL BONUS RULES AT 24KBET.

RulesDescription of the Rules
Rule 1Members can receive various gifts, including promotional offers based on deposits and free spins.
Rule 2Promotion misuse is considered fraud and may result in the termination of bonuses or the user’s account. 24KBET administration reserves the right to revoke any granted promotions at any time.
Rule 3Gamblers have access to both real and bonus balances, with the choice to use them. Promo codes can activate promotions during registration, and inserting a promo code excludes other welcome bonuses.
Rule 4Gamblers accepting promotions are considered to agree to the associated wagering requirements.
Rule 524KBET bonuses have expiration dates, and users are notified accordingly. Failure to use or implement the bonus before the expiration or if the real balance reaches zero may render the bonus invalid.
Rule 6Withdrawals of winnings are possible from the real account only after placing a wager as per wagering terms. If a player withdraws money from the real balance before wagering the bonus, the promotion expires.
Rule 7Sums in the bonus balance cannot be withdrawn, as promotional money is transferred to the real balance after a successful wager.


It is crucial to wager the winnings as meeting the wagering terms allows a member to convert 24KBET Bonuses funds into actual money. Promotion rewards are stored in a separate bonus balance with specific wagering conditions that must be adhered to. This money is distinct from cash payouts; it cannot be withdrawn but can be used for wagering.

Upon fulfilling all wagering terms while using the 24KBET bonus, you have the opportunity to transfer the prize from your bonus balance to your real balance. Failure to wager your winnings or meet the specified conditions may result in the loss of your bonus.


Apart from the welcome 24KBET Bonuses available for the sports and casino sections, 24KBET provides various additional promotions that registered players from India can avail of on our platform. These promotions come with generous prizes, ensuring a delightful overall experience and increasing your chances of winning.

Promo code

24KBET Bonuses provides a unique promo code for its users, which must be entered during registration. Follow these steps to apply the bonus promo code:

  • Visit 24KBET and click on the registration button.
  • Enter your email, create a secure password, and provide the required details.
  • Input the promo code “EXTRABONUS” before completing the registration to receive a bonus of +230%, in addition to the initial 24KBET deposit bonus or free bets.

Reload your account balance to activate the promotion.

Casino Crypto Bonus

Indian cryptocurrency users can deposit with various cryptocurrencies listed in our Payments section to enjoy a casino crypto bonus featuring a 250% match up to ₹50,000. To qualify, a minimum deposit of ₹1,000 is required. Upon claiming, the bonus funds can be used exclusively on slot games in our online casino lobby.

Sports Crypto Bonus

The crypto 24KBET Bonuses is also open to sports enthusiasts in India, allowing them to deposit using any cryptocurrency available in our Cashier and then receive a sports bonus of 250%, capped at a maximum of ₹25,000. This bonus is accessible to those who deposit a minimum of ₹750, remains valid for 14 days post-claim, and is subject to a 7x wagering requirement. To qualify for this sports crypto bonus from 24KBET, users need to place single or combo bets with odds greater than 1.6.

Casino Cashback

Cashback is a bonus type that refunds a portion of the money you’ve lost through wagers, specifically from the preceding month. At 24KBET Bonuses, the monthly casino cashback is awarded to every Indian player based on their loyalty level. The maximum cashback percentage attainable is 20%, and the specifics for each loyalty level are outlined below.

Loyalty Level at 24KBETCashback AmountWagering Requirements
520%No requirements

Sports Cashback

Indian bettors participating in line or live bets within the 24KBET sports betting section are entitled to Sports Cashback. The maximum cashback percentage available for claims is 30%, determined by your loyalty level on our platform.

Loyalty Level at 24KBETCashback AmountWagering Requirements
415%No requirements
520%No requirements
625%No requirements
730%No requirements

Combo Boost Bonus

Elevate your chosen odds with our exclusive 24KBET Combo Boost bonus, specially designed for Indian sports bettors engaged in express bets. Incorporate a minimum of 3 events in your express chance, each carrying odds exceeding 1.25, to qualify for a potential boost of up to 200% on your odds. The Combo Boost percentage escalates based on the number of matches included in your express bet slip:

  • 3 events – 1.08
  • 4 events – 1.13
  • 5 events – 1.2
  • 6 events – 1.25
  • 7 events – 1.35
  • 8 events – 1.45
  • 9 events – 1.55
  • 10 events – 1.7
  • 11 events – 1.85
  • 12 events – 2.0
  • 13 events – 2.15
  • 14 events – 2.3
  • 15 events – 2.45
  • 16 events – 2.6
  • 17 events – 2.8
  • 18 events – 3 (200%).

Free Bet Bonus

The Freebet is a 24KBET Bonuses without the requirement of a deposit, granted to chosen sports bettors in India. You may receive a surprise Freebet bonus of any amount, notified through a message in your inbox. This bonus can be utilized in our 24KBET sportsbook. Here’s how it works: Suppose you receive a ₹100 Freebet; when you place a winning bet, the Freebet amount is automatically added to your balance. Indian bettors should remember to wager it 10 times before it becomes eligible for withdrawal.

Bet Cash out

Utilize our Bet Cashout bonus at 24KBET Bonuses to confidently explore riskier predictions without fearing losing your entire wagered amount. For instance, if you predicted a total under 2 for a specific football match, but the players surpass the usual scoring trend, resulting in more goals than anticipated, you can request a bet cashout of up to 50%. Specific rules apply to various bet types and odds; all pertinent details are outlined in the terms and conditions.


Introducing our exclusive Casino 120% VIP 24KBET Bonuses, specially reserved for our esteemed Indian casino players. You can claim this regal bonus, which offers a 120% boost on deposits of at least ₹10,000. The maximum bonus amount reaches an impressive ₹60,000, subject to a turnover requirement 20x. This bonus is applicable once per deposit and remains valid for seven days post-activation. Please note that the bonus funds can only be used on slot games.

Casino 120% VIP Exclusive Bonus

Indian sports bettors with VIP membership on our official website can enjoy an exceptional 120% deposit bonus, which can be claimed once per deposit. To unlock this incentive, a minimum account top-up of ₹10,000 is necessary, offering a reward of up to ₹50,000 for gameplay. The bonus funds are exclusively valid for Single and Combo bets with odds exceeding 1.5, and the wagering requirements for the prize stand at 7x.

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